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Customized Eco-friendly Silicone Products For Medical Industry

We Can Offer Product Customization Services According To Your Requirements!

Customized Eco-friendly Silicone Products For Medical Industry
*Part No.: GY-SW013
*Material: Silicone
*Product Origin: China
*Color: All are available
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Product Detail

Medical Grade Silicone Rubber Products
Part No.: GY-SW013
Part Type: Custom made silicone rubber products
Color option: All are available for silicone rubber.

Product Performance:

1. Broad operating temperatures from -50 °C to +250 °C
2. Hardness from 10 to 80 Shore A
3. Consistent mechanical properties from -45 °C to + 180 °C
4. Good chemical resistance in a wide range of media
5. Excellent heat resistance, dielectric strength and cold flexibility
6. Neutral in taste and odor
7. Good electrical and mechanical dampening properties
8. Excellent weather and UV resistance, hydrophobic
9. No toxic combustion products

10. Bio-compatibility – non-allergenic

Typical Healthcare & Medical Applications:
Respiratory care product, inhalers, infusion therapy, drug delivery systems, peristaltic pump sets, diabetes care, dental care devices, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, blood dialysis, catheters, disposable fluid transfer manifolds and closure assemblies, breastfeeding.

Products Available:
Engineered molded parts, O-Rings, hose, tube and connections, bellows, static seals, gaskets, membranes, septa, plugs, silicone-to-plastic bonded and silicone-to-metal bonded components, and more.

About Goodyou
More than 10 years of experience in rubber products manufacturing and selling. Goodyou produces a wide range of rubber products. Goodyou has a professional team of technique and quality control. We are always striving for excellence in service and quality. With vast experience in rubber engineering, we are capable to provide customers with solutions to various applications.

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