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The Features of Rubber Material

1.High Elasticity Low modulus of elasticity, large deformation when elongation, and the deformation is recoverable, meanwhile it is able to maintain elasticity under large range of temperature -50℃-150℃. 2.Viscoelastic When deformation and recovering from deformation, with the effection of temperature and time, the rubber material will appear the phenomenon of stress relax and creep, and occur hys...

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The Application Of Rubber Damper

Currently, Rubber Dampers have wide applications, but they are not fit for all occasion. To select suitable rubber damper, firstly we need to know its property, and choose the one fit for the operation environment. The feature of rubber damper is that its shape and hardness can be designed according to specific demand, and it provides larger damping ratio than spring. Meanwhile, rubber damper has ...

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The Three Points To Judge The Un-Curing Silicone Rubber Products

When producing Silicone Rubber Parts, some time will suffer the appearance or function that fail to meet the production standard after vulcanization. This is because the material did not have full vulcanization. How to judge this kind of situation? According to what appearance 1.Entire part un-cure Judging method: After vulcanizing, the silicone products entirely become soften and sticky. Using fi...

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What Is Compound Rubber

Compound rubber is a synthetic high elastic polymer composed by different rubber raw material. It is one of the three main compound material. Its output just behind compound resin, compound fibre. A compound rubber could be a combination of 3 to 15 different ingredients. A typical rubber formation based on parts including polymer, filler, carbon black, elasticizer, chemicals (antioxidant, antiozon...

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The Category of Sealing Material and Application

The basic requirement for sealing material is good sealing performance. According to different sealing media and operation conditions, sealing material need to has relative adaptation. Normally it shall meet below requirements: 1. Good sealing, not easy to leak 2. Suitable mechanical strength and hardness 3. Good compressibility and resilience, low permanent deformation 4. ...

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Advantage and Application of EPDM Rubber

EPDM belongs to one kind of ethylene-propylene rubber, which make it good performance in ozone resistance, and high-temperature resistance. EPDM rubber products are widely used in auto industry, and electronics industry.    Comparing to other ordinary rubber and special polymer rubber, EPDM rubber has below advantages: 1. Higher cost performance The density of raw rubber is only 0.85-0.9...

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Flexible Hydraulic Rubber Oil Hose Design

Today, I simply introduce hose. It is also important in hydraulic and other process applications. Flexible Hydraulic Rubber Oil Hose must match the highest pressure capable in a hydraulic system, which is typically the pressure the pump provides. However, there can certainly be pressure increasing components in machines that can go much higher than the hydraulic relief or a pump pressure capacity,...

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What Is The Biggest Problem Of Diesel Smoke

In America two centuries later, it's time to come to grips with the liability faced by fire departments that fail to take heroic measures to protect employee health. Numerous human studies demonstrate diesel exhaust exposure increases cancer risk. In fact, long term exposure to diesel exhaust particles poses the highest cancer risk of any toxic air contaminant evaluated by the California Office of...

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Rubber hoses Applications

Rubber hose is used for a wide range of applications throughout many different industries and markets. They are manufactured from various rubber compounds and can be reinforced by wire or textile plies for increasing its pressure resistance and durability. Goodyou supply rubber hose in an extensive range of size and types. Our most popular products include fuel hose, air hose, oil hose, water...

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