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Silicone Hand Grips Muscle Power Training Rubber Ring For Exercise

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Silicone Hand Grips Muscle Power Training Rubber Ring For Exercise
*Part No.: GY-SW012
*Material: Silicone
*Product Origin: China
*Color: All are available
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Product Detail

Fitness Silicone Hand Grips
Part No.: GY-SW012
Part Type: Custom made silicone rubber products
Color option: All are available for silicone rubber.

Product Performance:
1.Made of a 100% eco-friendly premium silicone that feels comfortable when doing hand exercise.
2.These hand grip strengtheners with four grooves strengthen fingers, hand grip, forearm and muscle. It allows to exercise all 4 major grip training types (crushing, pinching, supporting and extending).

3.Flexible silicone material make it free from squeaky noise. It is a perfect hand exercise tool to do in anyplace without bothering other people. 

4.Different level resistance hand grippers for strength improving. 

What will get from Goodyou
- Professional service from Goodyou experienced technical staff, providing customized solutions according to customer’s idea and applications.
- Qualified products controlled by a complete set of processing and control flow.
- Full set of technical documents and test reports as customer’s request.
- High-effective logistic processing
- Good after-seal service

About Goodyou
More than 10years of experience in rubber products manufacturing and selling. Goodyou produces a wide range of rubber products. Goodyou has a professional team of technique and quality control. We are always striving for excellence in service and quality. With vast experience in rubber engineering, we are capable to provide customers with solutions to various applications.

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