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Auto Braid Reinforced Flexible Silicone Hose UV Resistant

Wire Reinforced Silicone Hoses offer increased flexibility, very high burst pressures, and will not collapse under vacuum. The wire inner helix allows for the hose to be bent without fear of it kinking and blocking airflow.
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Product Details

Auto Braid Reinforced Flexible Silicone Hose

Part No.:  GY-SH006

Part Type:  Custom made silicone rubber hoses

Operative Temperature: -60 to 180 

Material Composition:  Silicone Rubber

Meet SPEC.:  SAE J20 R3 CLASS A 


Main Performance:

1. Resists U.V., ozone, gases, moisture, and extreme temperatures

2. Meet REACH and RoHS compliant

3. Silicone hose is compatible with water or anti-freeze such as coolant, not suitable for fuel or oil transfer


Application Markets:

Our silicone hoses are manufactured from high grade silicone polymer, and reinforced with a high strength polyester fabric. We provide Inter-cooler hoses, Turbo hoses, Coolant hoses & Radiator hoses, Breather hoses, Vacuum tubing, also Braided fuel and oil hoses, and other accessories for all professional fluid transfer applications.


About Goodyou

More than 10years of experience in rubber products manufacturing and selling. Goodyou produces a wide range of rubber products. Goodyou has a professional team of technique and quality control. We are always striving for excellence in service and quality. With vast experience in rubber engineering, we are capable to provide customers with solutions to various applications.


1. What is your minimum order?
Because all products are custom made, the minimum order will depend on how much the batch of rubber will yield for the part you are requesting.
2. Which kinds of materials is available to GOODYOU?
We work with many different materials, including EPDM, neoprene, silicone, nitrile, SBR, isoprene and flexible PVC, and more.

3. Can you put our own logo on hose?

Yes, we can. But pls kindly note that we cannot offer this service for small orders as it is uneconomical. It is not possible to add logos once the hose is made. We will not print 3rd party brands or registered trade marks. (you must own the rights) .

For more FAQ, welcome to visit SERVICE

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