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Bio-EPDM Rubber in Soccer Word Cup 2018 Official Match Football

The new official soccer ball of the World Cup 2018 contains the bio-based EPDM rubber from ARLANXEO, one of the world’s leading suppliers of synthetic rubber. Its high-quality characteristics are identical to conventional EPDM rubber. The rubber with bio-based ethylene was extracted from sugarcane. According to Arlanxeo, the synthetic rubber serves as a mouldable cushion for the ball and supports optimal bounce characteristics during games. It is the world’s first EPDM rubber made from ethylene extracted from sugarcane. Depending on ethylene-content, the proportion of bio-based material ranges between 50-70%.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber mainly composed by ethylene and propylene. Result from the excellent chemical property, EPDM rubber parts are widely applied in Automotive Dust Proof and Sealing Parts, Vehicle Transmission System, building sealed waterproof material, Wiring Harness Grommet, Anti-Corruption Boots, Washers, Window Profile Sealing, Home Appliance Accessories, Heat Resistance Rubber Hoses, Electrical Insulation markets.

OEM EPDM Rubber Parts

EPDM is a relative low density rubber with low water absorption. It has great performance in water and water vapour resistance. Its operating rang is wide about -50℃-+150℃. Due to low molecular cohesion, the EPDM molecular chain is able to maintain its flexibility in a relative wide range. 

The conventional production method of EPDM is using crude oil as starting material, namely extract ethylene and propylene from crude oil to make raw material for production. Using this method, a large amount of fossil resource was consumed, and lead to the carbon dioxide emissions increase. 

ARLANXEO developed the the world’s first commercial EPDM produced from bio-based feedstock - KELTAN Eco 6950. The ethylene used in this process is derived from sugar cane. Bio-based content up to 70%, uncompromised quality, reduced dependence on fossil resources and reduced carbon footprint. Independent Life Cycle Assessments of Keltan Eco EPDM grades versus their equivalent Keltan EPDM product have shown that the CO2 emission is reduced by more than 50%.

Bio-based EPDM is a high-tech material, also a revolutionary material, maintaining great elasticity, resilience and low-temperature property. The small word cup football always be a big stage for showing the latest developing idea and advanced technology of human being. We except the bio-based football create a new legend in 2018 soccer word cup.

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