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Customized Service

Goodyou Elastomer Technology Solution deliver superior customer service and high quality, competitively priced products on time. With our expertise in the rubber industry, we work closely with customers to understand what they need for specific applications and provide them with professional customized solutions.

Our experienced engineer team is capable to guide customers to determine the appropriate rubber material based on application and environment that the part will be exposed to. The rubber material we normally use including VMQ (silicone rubber), FVMQ (fluro-silicone rubber), EPDM, CR (Neoprene), NBR (Nitrile), NR, FKM, AEM, ECO, CSM, TPU, PVC, Sponge rubber, etc.

An extensive line of rubber parts and services allows our customers to meet the needs of a variety of markets.

Custom Rubber Parts

Goodyou Service:

1. Product designing: We supply custom rubber products made to customers' drawings or specific to your individual application. If you haven’t have a clear idea on the product design for your application, we are capable to co-work with you to draw out a customized solution, and provide 3D data based on the specific requirement. Our custom service make certain our products exceed OEM performance.

2. Our technical engineers have years of experience in the rubber industry. They have thorough understanding on the SAE industry standard, Our rubber parts meet these standards including :

   SAE J200  Based on basic physical properties of rubber materials obtained directly from standard compression molded test specimens,Rubber materials shall be designated on the basis of type  (heat aging resistance) and class (oil swelling resistance)

   SAE J20  This SAE Standrad covers reinforced and flexible hoses intended for use in water and ethylene glyco-based engine-coolant system application.

   1) SAE 20R1  Heavy-duty type for service in heavy-duty application. This type is available in two wall thickness as indicated in 6.3.

   2) SAE 20R2  Flexible heavy-duty wire embedded type for the same service as SAE 20R1.

   3) SAE 20R3  Heater hose for normal service.

   4) SAE 20R4  Radiator hose for normal service

   5) SAE 20R5  Convoluted wire supported type for normal service.

   SAE J30  This SAE standard covers fuel, oil, or emission hose for use in coupled and uncoupled applications, for use with gasoline,oil, diesel fuel, lubrication oil, or the vapors present in either the fuel system or in the crankcase of internal combustion engines in mobile or stationary applications. This standard covers the hose portion only. If assembly / coupling is required, that is to be agreed to between the customer and assembler, along with the specific requirements.

        1) SAE J30R2 covers Coupled and Uncoupled Synthetic Rubber Tube and Cover Hose.

        2) SAE J30R3 covers Lightweight Braided Reinforced Lacquer, Cement, or Rubber Covered Hose.

        3) SAE J30R5 covers Wire Inserted Synthetic Rubber Tube and Cover Hose.

        4) SAE J30R6, 7, and 8 covers Low Pressure Coupled and Uncoupled Synthetic Rubber Tube and Cover Hose.

        5) SAE J30R9 covers Fuel Injection, Medium Pressure Coupled and Uncoupled Synthetic Rubber Tube and Cover Hose.

        6) SAE J30R10 covers In-Tank, Low Pressure, and Uncoupled Fuel Hose.

        7) SAE J30R11 covers Low Permeation Fuel Fill and Vent Hose.

        8) SAE J30R12 covers Low Permeation Fuel Feed and Return Hose.

        9) SAE J30R13 covers Diesel or Biodiesel Fuel Feed and Return Hose.

       10) SAE J30R14 covers Low Permeation, Low Pressure Coupled and Uncoupled Synthetic Rubber Tube and Cover Hose for Small Engines.

3. As an experienced automobile parts supplier, we provide PPAP documents Level 1-5 according to customer’s demand.

4. Before offering an accurate quotation, our technical team will perform an evaluation after receiving your inquiry, to check every detail is feasible. The drawings and specifications provided will be used as a basis for analyzing the ability to meet all specified requirements. If any concern is identified, we will put forward our proposal.

5. Our experienced engineers and sales work with you to provide the best recommendations and service for any of your applications. For customers’ message, our sales representative promise to reply within 24 hours.

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