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Silicone rubber

Silicone wire seals / silicone wire connectors

rubber wiring harness rubber seal

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rubber wiring harness rubber seal
*Part No.: GY-IE002
*Material: Silicone
*Product Origin: China
*Shipping Port: Xiamen Port
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Product Detail

Rubber Wiring Harness Rubber Seal

Part No.:  GY-IE002

Part Type:  Silicone wire harness seal
Shape:  Designed by drawing
Material Composition:  Silicone

Meet SPEC.:  SAE J200 GE305 ,GE405

Main Performance:

1. Aging resistance 230℃; Low temp resistance: -40℃
2. Ozone resistance50pphm*48H
3. Great oil resistance.
4. Good sealing and leak proof.

5. Good compression resistance.

Application Markets:

Rubber Wiring Harness Rubber Seal for electrical wire harness terminals of electrical fitting parts.

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