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/Translucent TPU Hose With Steel Spiral Coppered Coated Abrasion Resistant

Translucent TPU Hose With Steel Spiral Coppered Coated Abrasion Resistant

Translucent TPU Hose With Steel Spiral is a flexible air duct hose featuring an excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and high tear strength, conveying gases, liquids, and lightweight bulk materials from one location to another.

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Product Details

Translucent TPU Hose With Steel Spiral

Material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane )

Inner Diameter: Φ25; Φ60;Φ65;Φ80;Φ85*Φ100;Φ120;Φ160;Φ180;Φ200;Φ220;Φ250

Temperature Range: -40°C to +90°C (+125°C short time)

Color: translucent with steel spiral coppered coated


- It resists chemicals, moisture, and both internal and external abrasion.

- UV and ozone resistance.

- Flexible and compressible for easy manipulation and installation.

- Its spring steel wire helix provides extra support and durability.

- Halogen and Phthalates free - conforms to RoHS

PU Flexible Suction Hoses

Flexible duct hoses for woodworking machinery


Ideal for Dust Extraction, Woodworking Waste (sawdust, chippings etc), Welding Fumes, etc. It can be used for industrial ventilation, dust removal, and fume exhaust applications.


1. Which kinds of materials is available to GOODYOU?

We work with many different materials, including EPDM, NBR, CR, ACM, ECO, FKM, silicone, SBR, NR, and flexible PVC & PU, and various types of sponge rubber.

2. What types of rubber parts do you supply?

We supply custom molded, extruded, injected rubber parts. We also accept rubber mold orders for those customers who have their own rubber production lines.

3. Do your products meet ROHS?

Yes, all of our products are green products meet ROHS, REACH.

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