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Bathroom Accessory Rubber Parts

Result from the nice performance in sealing, rubber material is always the good choice for bathroom accessories to act as function of water-proof sealing. The soft shock absorbing and flexible silicone material is good idea for Bathtub Plugs. Silicone Rubber Bathtub Drain Stopper can be used for a variety of different areas that require drains to be plugged, kitchen, sinks, showers, or bathroom. Silicone rubber can be made to meet FDA, which is food grade safe and great for kids. Silicone material is available for many colors, which decorate the house full of life. EPDM rubber has great benefit of resisting steam, water, ozone and aging, is usually used for Rubber Foot Mat for anti-slip, Stopper Seals, Drain Flange Rubber Gasket, Rubber Washer under the sink for anti-leakage, also Rubber Elbow for Drain or Overflow,  Rubber Valve for Shower, Rubber Parts for Push Pull Drain Assemblies, etc.


The cost of EPDM is less expensive than silicone rubber, according to the specific application, GOODYOU technical staffs always provide solutions for customers to design the most suitable rubber formula and develop idea Rubber Products.  


Bathroom Accessories Rubber Parts Rubber Seals


Flowing Water Hoses EPDM/YARN/EPDM SAE J200 CA510

Apply to Valve, Faucet, Bathtub, Shower, 

Basin, Toilet, etc.

Water Hoses PVC/YARN/PVC /
Leak Proof Rubber Seals/O rings EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Rubber Seal/O-rings Silicone SAE J200 GE510
Dust Proof Rubber Sleeves EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Rubber Foot Pads EPDM SAE J200 CA510
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