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Fitness Equipment Rubber Parts

In this applications, due to the good property of ozone, UV and aging resistance, EPDM rubber material is widely used as Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Extruded Hoses, Rubber Grips, Rubber Dust-proof Boots. EPDM is a cost-effective and all-weathering material that can withstand extreme temperature.  It is usually used in outdoor and used for abrasion/noise reduction as well. 

However, EPDM is not the only material recommended to be used in this application. Great wear-resisting Nature Rubber (NR) is also performing nice as Bushings, Shock Mounts, etc.. 

Silicone rubber offers great resistance in extreme temperature. Meanwhile, silicone rubber is insulation from electricity and has ability to repel water. These features make it enable to be used as great Rubber Wire Seals, Rubber Plugs, Rubber Washers, and more.

Fitness equipment of all sizes can reply on custom rubber components. Goodyou has the expertise necessary to supply Custom-designed Rubber Parts for all kinds of gym equipment. 


Insulation Rubber Grommets EPDM SAE J200 CA510

Apply to Teadmill, Massage Chair, 

Cycling equipment, Dumbbell, 

PEC machine, AB machine, 

Counter balanced smith machine, 

Abdominal bench, etc.

Rubber Protector EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Water Proof Rubber Seal EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Rubber Seal Silicone SAE J200 GE510
Dust Proof Rubber Sleeve EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Rubber Grip Handle EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Rubber Foot Pad EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Damping Rubber Gasket IIR SAE J200 AA810
Rubber Damping IIR SAE J200 AA810
Rubber Bushing NR SAE J200 AA810
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