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Household Appliances Accessory

Goodyou Rubber Products provide home appliance companies with quality rubber components customized for their applications, such as cleaner, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave, washing machine, dryer, toaster, etc.

In this applications of home appliance, EPDM rubber material is widely used result from its good property of ozone resistance, low electrical conductivity, stable in high and low temperature. 

Besides EPDM, great wear-resisting NR/SBR is also popular to be used as Rubber Gasket, Rubber Shock Mount,etc, with nice performance in aging resistance. 

Silicone rubber offers great resistance in extreme temperature which make it enable to be used as Rubber Seals, O-ring in high temperature. Meanwhile, silicone rubber material is available for many colors and meet FDA, so it is used to be made Household Rubber Products found in household appliance, such as coasters or plates, ice-cube trays, and others.

Goodyou supplies Custom-designed Rubber Parts for both major and small home appliances. Our team will be honor to work with you to identify the needs for your specific appliance and design durable and effective finished parts.

Household Appliance Rubber Products

Insulation Rubber Grommet EPDM SAE J200 CA510

Apply to Washer, Air Condition, 

Electric Cooker, Cleaner, 

Refrigerator, Microwave oven, 


Rubber Gasket EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Water Proof Rubber Seal EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Silicone Seal Silicone SAE J200 GE510
Dust Proof Rubber Dust Cover EPDM SAE J200 CA510
Rubber Cap EPDM SAE J200 CA510
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