NR rubber metal bumper

NR Rubber Metal Bumper, Material: NR+SUS303
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Product Details

NR Rubber Metal Bumper

Part No.:  GY-IM006

Part Type:  Rubber to Metal Bonding

Shape:  Designed by drawing
Material Composition:  NR+SUS303

Meet SPEC.:  SAE J200 AA710 , AI 710

Main Performance:

1. Aging resistance:  120℃; Low temp resistance: -40℃
2. Wear resistance, Waterproof

3. Shock absorption, abrasion resistance, durability, anti-corrosion

Application Markets:

NR Rubber Metal Bumper used in Running machines,

NR Rubber Metal Bumper of refrigerator,

NR Rubber Metal Bumper of air conditioner,

NR Rubber Metal Bumper used in airplanes,

NR Rubber Metal Bumper used for trains,

NR Rubber Metal Bumper used in automobiles,

NR Rubber Metal Bumper used in all kinds of machinery, etc , 

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