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Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts, Material: EPDM+SUS303
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Product Details

Rubber To Metal Bonded Parts

Part No.:  GY-IM001

Part Type:  Rubber to Metal Bonding

Shape:  Designed by drawing
Material Composition:  EPDM+SUS303

Meet SPEC.:  SAE J200 CA710 , AII 710

Main Performance:

1. Aging resistance: 120℃;  Low temp resistance: -40℃
2. Wear resistance
3. Ozone resistance:  50pphm*200H

4. Shock absorption, buffer, oilproof, protection, aging resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, anti-slip, waterproof.

Application Markets:

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts of Housing,

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts used in isolator,

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts used in Vehicle cab mountings,

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts used in Vehicle body suspensions,

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts for Off road vehicle applications,

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts of Prime power units,

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts of Marine engine and gearboxes,

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts of Mobile generator sets, etc.

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