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Silicone rubber

Silicone wire seals / silicone wire connectors

OEM Auto Door Lamp Rubber Silicone Gaskets Seals

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OEM Auto Door Lamp Rubber Silicone Gaskets Seals
*Part No.: GY-IE031
*Material: Silicone Rubber
*Product Origin: China
*Shipping Port: Xiamen Port
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Product Detail
Auto Lamp Rubber Silicone Gaskets Seals
Part No.: GY-IE031
Part Type: Silicone Seals
Shape: Based on customer's drawing; Or design according to customers' specific application.
Material Composition: Silicone Rubber
Meet SPEC.: SAE J200 GE305 ,GE405

Main Performance:
1. Aging resistance: 230℃; Low temp resistance: -40℃
2. Ozone resistance: 50pphm*48H
3. Good function on water-proof, dust-proof, anti-leakage.
4. Compression resistance.
5. Great electrical insulation.

About Goodyou

Goodyou produces a wide range of qualified rubber products, including rubber extrusion hoses, injection and molded rubber parts for several kinds of industries. We are always striving for excellence in service and quality. We offer OEM service, working closely with customers to understand their challenge, providing customers with solutions to specific applications. 


1. What is your minimum order?
Because all products are custom made, the minimum order will depend on how much the batch of rubber will yield for the part you are requesting.
2. Which kinds of materials is available to GOODYOU?
We work with many different materials, including EPDM, neoprene, silicone, nitrile, SBR, isoprene and flexible PVC, and various types of sponge rubber. 
3. What types of rubber parts do you supply?
We supply custom molded, extruded, injected rubber parts. We also accept die-cut orders for those customers who have their own rubber production lines.

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